Summer 2019 orientation reservations open March 21.

You must submit your Enrollment Commitment Deposit before making your orientation reservation. Approximately five to seven business days after USC receives your commitment deposit, you will receive an email invitation to your USC email to sign up for Orientation.

Do not make travel arrangements until you receive your orientation reservation confirmation email. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive this email. Events typically end at 5:00 p.m. Avoid making travel plans that require you to leave before orientation ends.

Summer Freshman Orientation events are offered on- and off-campus. Click on each event type below to learn more and see event dates.

Reservation deadlines for orientation events are indicated below. Please note deadlines occur on 11:59 p.m. in the event location’s time zone. Events frequently close before the deadline due to maximum capacity. Make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you are able to attend the event of your choice.

Off-Campus Orientation Events

Off-Campus Orientation events are one full day of programming that covers the USC experience, campus life, safety, academic expectations and course registration. Academic Advisors and Orientation Advisors are at each Off-Campus Orientation to help students with first-semester course selection and registration. Off-Campus Orientation is a convenient and cost-effective option if there is one near your hometown. Your on-campus experience starts with Move-In Day and Welcome Week, with numerous opportunities to connect with students and campus resources! Detailed location information for Off-Campus Orientation events is available when you make your reservation and is included in your confirmation email.

U.S. Off-Campus Summer Freshman Orientation Events

Location Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
San Francisco Bay Area June 1 May 16
New York June 29 June 9
New York June 30 June 9
Chicago July 13 June 30
Dallas July 13 June 30

International Off-Campus Summer Freshman Orientation Events

Location Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
Beijing June 11 May 19
Shanghai June 13 May 19
Hong Kong June 15 May 19
On-Campus Summer Freshman Orientation Events

On-Campus Orientation events are two-day overnight programs covering the USC experience, campus life, safety, academic expectations and course registration. On-Campus Orientation is a great time to visit campus if you have not done already and experience the USC residence halls. Academic Advisors and Orientation Advisors help students with first-semester course selection and registration. The International Freshman Orientation in August is only for international students and U.S. citizens who live abroad.

Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
June 6-7 May 19
June 20-21 June 2
June 25-26 June 9
July 2-3 June 16
July 9-10 June 16
July 18-19 June 30
International Freshman (August 19-21) July 31

USC expects all new students to participate in Orientation. It is the best way to prepare for your first semester at USC, meet other new students and register for courses.

However, we understand that extenuating circumstances may prevent you from attending an in-person orientation. If you are unable to attend an on- or off-campus Orientation event, you must make a reservation for the “I Cannot Attend Summer Orientation” option on the Orientation Events page.

You will have a virtual academic advisement appointment to review your first-semester requirements and course registration and will register remotely for courses in mid-August, shortly before the semester begins. You can also opt-in for an online group chat with an Orientation Advisor and other new students to learn more about the USC experience.

Welcome Week, beginning with Move-In Day, is full of numerous opportunities to connect with other new students and campus resources. Visit the Welcome Week website for more information and to plan your Welcome Week experience.

Regardless of when you attend Orientation, you will have a range of options to choose from. Spaces are opened in courses such as general education seminars and writing throughout the registration period. Additionally, course registration during Orientation events is open only to those students attending Orientation on that date. Your Academic Advisor will help you enroll in the courses recommended for your degree program, but you should remain flexible. Be patient and work with your advisor if a course you want to take is closed.

International students are welcome to attend any orientation event. If you are unable to attend an Orientation event in June or July, we strongly encourage you to attend the International Freshman Orientation in August. This event is open to international students only and will cover important information you need to make a smooth transition to life in the U.S.

International students who are required to complete the International Student English (ISE) Exam as a condition of their admission to USC should attend the August International Freshman Orientation to ensure they are able to complete the ISE Exam prior to course registration. Review your letter of admission and your I-20 to identify if you are required to take the ISE Exam. Students who are required to take the ISE Exam must do so in order to register for their courses.

Students only attend one orientation event. International students attending an Off-Campus Orientation do not attend the August International Freshman Orientation.

Passport Verification

All new international students are required to complete Passport Verification (PPV) with the Office of International Services (OIS) upon arrival to the U.S. PPV can be completed no earlier than 30 days before the start date listed on your I-20. When you complete PPV depends on which type of orientation you attend.

If You Attend… Complete PPV… Sign up for PPV via…
On- or off-campus orientation in June or July After you arrive at USC for Move-In Day The OIS website
International Freshman Orientation Monday, August 19 prior to the official start of Orientation Making your International Freshman Orientation reservation. You will select a PPV time as part of the reservation process.
I Cannot Attend Summer Orientation After you arrive at USC for Move-in Day The OIS website
Move-In & Early Move-In

International students attending any of our June and July events will be able to move in to their housing assignments on Move-In Day, August 21, 2019. Requests for Early Move-In before August 21 must be directed to the Customer Service Center for your housing assignment. For more information, visit the USC Housing website.

If you attend International Freshman Orientation and are assigned to university-owned housing, Early Move-In on Tuesday, August 20 is included with the New Student Fee. You may elect to move-in on Monday, August 19 for an additional fee, which must be paid when making your orientation reservation. You must make an Early Move-In selection when making your International Freshman Orientation reservation.