Reservations for Orientation are available only to certified students (those who have submitted their Enrollment Commitment Deposit). Once your commitment deposit is processed, you will receive an email invitation to sign up for Orientation.

Please do not make travel arrangements to any Orientation event until you have received a confirmation email from the Office of Orientation Programs. Events typically last until 5:00 p.m. Plan on being at Orientation until that time and avoid making travel plans that require you to leave Orientation before it ends.

Below are the dates for our events. The deadline to reserve for an orientation event is 11:59 p.m. in the time zone of the event location on the date indicated in the Reservation Deadline column, but events will close earlier if they reach capacity. If your summer schedule is limited, we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible.

Off-Campus Orientation Events

Off-Campus Orientation events are offered for students and families who may not be able to join us for On-Campus Orientation this summer. Detailed location information is available in the online reservation form and will be included in your confirmation email.

U.S. Orientation Events

Location Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
San Francisco Bay Area June 2 May 17 Closed to new reservations
New York June 23 June 8 Closed to new reservations
New York June 24 June 8 Closed to new reservations
Chicago July 14 June 28 Closed to new reservations
Dallas July 14 June 28 Closed to new reservations

International Orientation Events

Location Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
Beijing June 12 May 25 Closed to new reservations
Shanghai June 14 May 25 Closed to new reservations
Hong Kong June 16 May 25 Closed to new reservations
On-Campus Orientation Events
Date Reservation Deadline Capacity
June 7-8 May 22 Closed to new reservations
June 19-20 June 4 Closed to new reservations
June 25-26 June 8 Closed to new reservations
July 2-3 June 15 Closed to new reservations
July 19-20 July 3 Closed to new reservations
July 25-26 July 10 Closed to new reservations
August 13-15
(International students only)
July 27 Closed to new reservations

Course Availability During Orientation

Regardless of when you attend Orientation, you will have a wide range of courses to choose from. Spaces are opened in courses throughout the registration period. Additionally, course registration during Orientation is open only to students attending that Orientation event.

On- and Off-Campus Orientation (June and July Events)

Held throughout June and July, our On- and Off-Campus Summer Orientation events are open to all incoming freshmen and include separate, mandatory meetings designed specifically for international students. International students are welcome to attend any one of these events.

International students attending any of our June and July events will be able to move in to their housing assignments on Move-In Day, August 15, 2018. Requests for Early Move-In before August 15 should be directed to the Customer Service Center for your housing assignment. For more information, visit the USC Housing website.

International Freshman Student Orientation (August Event)

If you are unable to travel to an Orientation event during June or July, we encourage you to attend the International Freshman Student Orientation in August. This event is open to international students only and will cover all the information you need to make a smooth transition to life in the U.S. You will also be able to complete Passport Verification (PPV).

Please note: Students attending Off-Campus Orientation events will not be required to attend the August event.

University-Owned Housing and Early Move-In

Early move-in on Tuesday, August 14 for students attending the International Freshman Orientation and assigned to university housing is included with the New Student Fee. Students may opt to move-in on Monday, August 13 for an additional fee, which must be paid when making your orientation reservation.

All new students are expected to participate in Orientation. Your participation is the best way to get ready for your first semester of classes, have all your questions answered and meet other USC students.

However, we understand that extenuating circumstances may prevent you from attending. If you are unable to make it to an Orientation event, you will need to make a reservation for the “I Cannot Attend Orientation” option on the Orientation Events page. After you sign up, you will receive information about course registration and Welcome Week.

Our Welcome Week activities, which begin with Move-In Day, will help introduce you to campus life and all the opportunities for you to get involved. Please visit our Welcome Week website for more information.