1. Access Your Invitation

Students must check their USC email to access their invitation for the Welcome Trojans orientation program and reserve their spot. Check out the step-by-step overview of the reservation process.

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2. Choose Your Event

The Welcome Trojans orientation program will consist of two components: course registration and a Welcome Trojans on-campus (or online) event.


Course Registration

All students will register for courses online. Course registration date offerings are determined by each individual academic department. Academic advisors will be in contact with students prior to their registration date to help them prepare.

Welcome Trojans Events

Students will have the option to attend an on-campus event to meet other students, learn about resources on campus, take tours and more. The schedule of event dates is available via the signup link in your Welcome Trojans invitation email. On-campus events may reach capacity and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If a student cannot attend an on-campus event, they may attend Welcome Trojans online.

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3. Add Guest Reservation(s)

All students may include up to two guests on their reservation.


On-Campus Event

Students attending an in-person event have the option of having their guest(s) join them on campus, or they may choose to have their guest(s) attend an online version of the program.

For those who will be attending on campus, the first guest will attend free of charge, and a $130 fee will be charged for a second on-campus guest.

Students attending on campus may also choose to have one guest attend in person and the second guest attend online. Please note that guests may not attend on-campus programming without their student; if a student is not able to attend on campus, their guest(s) should not attend either.

Welcome Trojans Online

Students attending the online event can add up to two online guests, both of who will attend free of charge.

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4. Prepare for Registration

All students will register for courses online prior to attending a Welcome Trojans event. Once students have reserved their spot via the email invitation, they must complete a pre-registration checklist and various academic department requirements to prepare for course registration.

Before registering for courses, students will also be required to meet with an academic advisor, who will reach out to them to schedule a meeting time. These appointments will be conducted virtually and may be individualized or in a group setting. Academic advising appointments are essential to ensuring successful course registration.

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5. Attend Welcome Trojans

On-Campus Event

We are excited to be on campus again this summer and can’t wait to see you at one of our Welcome Trojans events! This action-packed day-in-the-life at USC will give you the chance to learn where your classes are, meet new friends and lay the foundation for your success here.

Here is an on-campus schedule overview:

Welcome Trojans Online

The online event includes a virtual Zoom session where students will get a chance to meet fellow Trojans and learn more about student life and the USC community. Additionally, students who attend this event will be automatically signed up for an on-campus meet and greet that will take place in August, where they’ll be able to pick up orientation swag items and meet other students in person!