The following resources will assist you with your transition to the Trojan Family. We recommend reviewing these publications before your Welcome Trojans orientation program, as well as whenever you need guidance as you acclimate to USC.

USC Catalogue
Policies and information regarding all things USC: curriculum, admissions, tuition, academics and more.

USC Student Handbook
Policies and information regarding University organization, culture and ethics.

Thriving In College: The Parent Guide
Health and wellness guide to help parents understand the first-year student experience.

Student Health Resources – For Parents
Join student health experts for talks related to helping your student navigate transitions to college life.

Parent Handbook
Comprehensive overview of what parents should know about USC and the resources we offer, as well as common concerns and other things to keep in mind.

Banking and Cellphone Information 

The Office of Orientation Programs does not endorse any specific bank or cellphone vendor. The resources listed below are for your reference and any specific services should be directly requested through the local bank or cellphone company.

U.S. Banking Services



Bank of America 

USC Credit Union 


AT&T Wireless (Click here for special offers and services)

Cricket Wireless