Is USC Orientation Online?

All USC Winter Orientation events are online.

Is Orientation mandatory?

All new students are expected to participate in the Online Orientation Experience. Your participation will ensure that you are able to register for your first semester of courses. You will also receive information and resources integral to your success as a student at USC.

If I attended admitted student events, should I still come to Orientation?

Yes. Orientation is different from admitted student events because it is designed to prepare you for your first semester at USC. You will (virtually) meet orientation advisors, academic advisors, campus staff members and your fellow new students. Most importantly, you will register for your first-semester courses.

When is Orientation? How long is it?

The Online Orientation Experience for spring-admitted students will take place the week of December 7 for freshmen and December 14 for transfer students. The agenda is flexible so that you may tailor the process to fit your schedule. There will be options throughout the week for virtual , and you will be able to choose a time for your academic advisement appointment that works for you. Course registration will be at the end of the week.

When can I reserve a spot for my Online Orientation Experience?

Beginning the week of August 10, 2020, all spring-admitted students who have submitted their Enrollment Commitment Deposit or Deposit Fee Waiver will receive an email invitation for their USC Online Orientation Experience.

When does registration take place?

The week of December 7 for freshmen and the week of December 14 for transfer students.

I deferred my admission from a previous semester. Do I need to participate in the Online Orientation Experience?

If you did not attend Orientation prior to your deferral, you should participate in Orientation in order to receive first-semester advising and register for your courses.

If your deferral was for one semester and you attended Orientation prior to your deferral, you do not need to attend online Orientation events or complete the Pre-Registration Checklist. Please work directly with your academic advisor to complete your first-semester advising. You may register for your courses at the date and time stated in your Permit to Register. However, you are welcome to attend online Orientation events if you would like.

If your deferral was for two (or more) semesters, we strongly recommend you participate in the Online Orientation Experience, even if you attended an Orientation event prior to your deferral.

If I have an Admission Restrictions hold and I will not be able to clear the hold before my Orientation date, what do I do?

Though you will not be able to register for courses until the hold is lifted, you should complete your Pre-Registration Checklist and attend your advisement appointment.  You are also welcome to participate in all the virtual student engagement opportunities.  You will not be able to register with the hold but we will work with your advisor to get you registered for courses once the hold is lifted.

I am a spring admit and I took classes this summer and/or fall to make progress toward my USC degree. Will this coursework be taken into account when I sign up for my classes at orientation?

Please be sure to list your transferrable coursework on your advisement worksheet as part of the pre-orientation checklist. This will ensure your advisor is aware of the requirements you are currently completing. Your classes will be officially added to your degree progress and Transfer Credit Report after USC receives your final, official transcripts from the institution you attended this summer and/or fall.